HYLAS 4 Now Launched, KaBand for all Africa

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Since 2003 thousands of people have trusted Broadband Anywhere to provide them with an affordable, reliable and robust satellite internet connection. One of our achievements is that we were one of the first to bring Ka Band Satellite Internet to Africa in 2011 and in 2019 we look forward to bringing Ka Band to  many more countries in Africa with Hylas 4.

New For 2019 - Hylas 4 Launched, 90% of Africa now covered with Ka Band satellite internet for the first time in history, from just $24.90 per month for up to 18Mbit/s! with cheap equipment options. 


New for 2018, the future of satellite internet technology is here today, iDirect iQ offers up to 30 times better performance, upgrade from your old satellite network today and get free hardware on selected packages - Available for Iraq, Afganistan and Libya with South America and Africa coming soon.
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We are pioneers in Ka Band satellite systems, we are glad to assist anyone looking for the freedom that a satellite internet connection offers and are looking for IT and Telecom business partnerships

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