UK Free Satellite Broadband Equipment and Install

get a subsidy of up to £300.00 towards installation

Broadband Anywhere is based in the UK and has been providing broadband via both wireless and satellite to notspots using our own unique and creative methods since 2003. We are able to offer micro community and individual wireless and/or satellite broadband solutions using subsidies provided by the BDUK Better broadband scheme, Fill in our UK broadband notspot community broadband form and one of our broadband specialists will come back to you with what the possibilities could be applied if you have a cluster of houses or business's that suffer from slow broadband.

Please select your satellite broadband package:

avanti basic

5gb 15mbps/2mbps

Avanti 10

10GB 15mbps/2mbps
a great package for most browsing and general business use


25GB 22mbps/6mbps


40GB 22mbps/6mbps


100GB 22mbps/6mbps

HD Broadcast

200GB 22mbps/6mbps
Local public IP and live HD broadcast

Free Equipment and Installation with uk government better broadband scheme

uk flag**To qualify for the free installation and equipment on free lease you need a Better Broadband code to enter on placing the order which can be aquired by visiting

To get set up with super fast fibre broadband via satellite within just 1 week, just select your package and enter your contact details including your Better Broadband code, we will then contact you within 24 hours to explain the setup procedure which will involve a proffessional and qualified satellite engineer to come and install a 74cm Satellite dish, and run to cable to the satellite modem and wireless box. Then you just pay for the subscription by monthly standing order, debit/credit card or paypal, Its that simple for the frustration of slow broadband to be a distant memory.


** 12 Month contract with 1 month as a get out trial period, if you don't like the service after within 1 month just dismantle the dish and return it to us (you are liable for the transport costs) and you can leave the 12 month contract as a getout clause.

Exclusive 2017 Happy New Year Offer: optionally you can take our free TV package on the same dish with satellite FREE TV box allowing you to get Astra 1(sky UK) also Astra 2 and 3 including hundreds of satellite TV channels(this also may incure some extra cable fitting costs) - other satellites are also possible on the same dish as the

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us

We have over 14 years experience in worldwide broadband services and utilise all technologies to improve broadband infastructure, if you in a cluster of slow properties then we may be able to set up a subsidised wireless or fibre service for you, use our uk broadband infastructure contact form to inform us of your problems.

Ka Band Economic Automatic Aquire System

Perfect for your remote Live HD broadcasts direct onto Youtube / Facebook / Instagram or Broadcast method of your choice. Low cost and light weight saving on petrol cost, can be roof mounted onto standard hatchback car or vehicle of your choice.

Also perfect for mobile bank / government / emergency service / disaster Response unit and many other uses