Broadband Anywhere GiS-R6: Hotspot Gateway 100 Users 100Mb/s- UK Stock.

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  • Supports 100 Concurrent Users
  • Max throughput: 100Mb/s
  • PayPal & Credit Card payment facility
  • Facebook Login
  • Simple setup
  • Ticket printer available
  • Remote Management


The GiS-R6 Hotspot gateway provides any business with all the features to transform a wireless access point into a full function WiFi Hotspot for up to 100 concurrent users. Guests and visitors who require Internet access can be managed via the login page, authentication, firewall, speed control, content filter and a disclaimer file that can be edited.

Businesses that want to charge for Hotspot services can use the PayPal® and credit card billing service that is combined with the user reporting and account feature.

The GiS-R6 is popular with motels and hotels, however it is also used by many other types of businesses that provide Internet access as a service to the public. The GiS-R6 is frequently installed with several wireless access points to provide WiFI Internet throughout a building, such as a motel.

The GiS-R6 can also be used to connect wired hotel rooms where a switch must be added to connect more cables to the LAN ports. The GiS-R6 can be used to connect business center computers and Internet kiosks, and is ideal for an Internet café. Any type of wireless access point can be connected to the GIS-R6 and provide managed WiFi Internet for laptops, netbooks, smart phones and any WiFi enabled device.

In addition to the core features provided by the GiS-R2, the GiS-R6 also block peer-to-peer file sharing.

The GiS-R6 supports up to 100 concurrent users with the following core functionality:

The API provides an interface for Point of Sale (PoS) and Property Management Systems (PMS) to manage Internet access codes.

Gateway Features Plug and play with the setup wizard
Local and remote configuration
Content filter using OpenDNS
Download/upload speed control
Allowed IP and MAC addresses
Free and controlled Internet access PayPal® and credit card billing
Timer/calendar to set availability

Concurrent clients: 100
Access code database: 10,000

Login page Branding via the login page generator
Twelve login pages are preinstalled
Upload your own background graphic
Create a custom HTML login page design
Add custom login page banner advertising
Disclaimer agreement with built in editor
Link to business web site home page
Login page access code generator
Login code usage reporting
Build a 'walled garden' using URL bypass
Billing via Credit Card and PayPal®
Customer data collection application
Login page backup/restore
API FOR Code Management Integration with Point of Sale (PoS) and Property Management Systems (PMS)
Ethernet WAN (Internet) RJ-45 10/100
LAN (network) RJ-45 10/100
Operation Commercial grade equipment suitable for any business environment
Dimensions & Power Enclosure: W 7" x D 8" x H 1.75"
Rack mount kit available
48volt 110v/220v supply, 50W
Warranty 1 year

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