Broadband Anywhere - Waterproof GPS Tracking smart watch for kids, live GPS tracking via app .

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● Two way calling communication

● Real-time GPS tracking
● History playback
● SOS emergency call and notification
● Voice message commnunication
●Family Number/whitelist number support
● Multi positioning modes
● Geo fence
● Find watch
● Built-in lithium battery
● Alarm Clock
● Waterproof

Wholesale smart watch for kids tracking with sos button for two way communication IP67 waterproof gps watch FA23

◆ Two way calling communication

Children call parents from watch, parents can call to watch of children

◆ Real-time GPS tracking

Gps positioning very accurate, parents can quickly get the position of the child in the mobile phone or platform any time

◆ History playback

Parents can check the history of watch to know kids' daily event location, our server will keep 3 months history

◆ SOS emergency call and notification

Children will call to parents when press 3 seconds sos button, and parents will receive the sos alarm from app

◆ Voice message commnunication

Children and parents can talking online like wechat by sending voice massage

◆ Family Number/whitelist number support

To prevent children received strangers' calls, only the family number and whitelist number can call to watch number.

◆ Multi positioning modes

GPS+AGPS+LBS+WIFI position to get the accurate location of children.

◆Geo fence

Parents can set unlimitation geofence on app or platform, when children out of the range will push the alarm to inform parents.

◆ Find watch

When parents send command on app of "Find watch", the watch will play a sound to remind parents of its location.

◆ Built-in lithium battery

450mAh battery can standby 3-4 days but more depend on the upload interval

◆ Alarm Clock

Alarm clock reminder can be one time, daily and user-defined, can be set according to your own needs.

◆ Waterproof

IP67 Waterproof , kids not afraid the raining and underwater.
Software Info

The app called AIBEILE, kindly download it on google player or App store.
◆ Support operating system: Support Android 2.3 and above, IOS5.0 and above
◆ Language support
Simplified Chinese, English,we can customized the languge for you, we will share the language package to you for translation, then we update it.
◆ Develop your own app
If you have your server, we will provide the protocol to you for integration, so data will send to your server.
If you want to develop the app, we will share API link but did not provide the SDK.

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